More Favorite Pictures:

My two grandsons, Kila (middle) and Cade (right) with Hypatia Akary Pine.  Hypatia is Kila and Cade's Aunt.  Long story.

Kila, age 7, and Cade, age 5, at our pool.

Kila and Cade playing in an Avocado tree at my son's Pupukea (North Shore) house. (More Kila and Cade)

Myitzu at the Pupukea place after picking pumpkin and pumpkin shoots.

My daughter Reyna with Cade and Kila.  Ron and Kila's birthday celebration, 1999.  Reyna is Kila's mother.

My oldest daughter Kym, campaigning for election to the State House with her sister Hypatia. Kym won by almost 1700 votes.