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Mission of the Ethics Component of the AA Degree/General Education Core:

To provide Honolulu Community College graduates knowledge of ethical issues and skills in ethical reasoning, which will aid them in realizing self-sufficiency and personal fulfillment, and to be positive contributors to their community and world. (Also see Program and Course/Student Learning Outcomes and Assessment Strategies)

Contemporary Ethical Issues (E) Hallmarks

Contemporary Ethical Issues Explanatory notes For technical-occupational programs, the following might apply.

Each profession has implicit values. The ethical focus is to make these values explicit and to encourage reflection and discussion on application.

To satisfy the E-focus requirement, the occupational-technical teacher could integrate an ethical issues-curriculum into the technical curriculum of the course. The ethical issues-curriculum might be accomplished through regular discussions, through a case method, or through studying the formal Code of the profession involved. The ethical issues-curriculum could include the following:

In applying the E-focus hallmarks to such an obligation list, it is important that students be given real-life deliberation contexts, such as:  
  1. In the context of the administration of justice, when should a police officer's obligation to the larger society take precedence over an obligation to one's colleagues and an internal "code of silence"?
  3. In the context of the aviation industry, how would the Code of Federal Regulations Chapter 14, Federal Aviation Regulation, Part 61, Paragraph 37 regarding unauthorized conduct apply in situations of apparent cases of obligation's conflict?

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