Figure 1: This figure demonstrates and describes the key notion of a hyper textual adjudicatory trail of reasoning used throughout the thesis. It is the basic model that is used to explain how scientists make, debate, and discuss rational ampliative inferences while immersed in historical contexts.

Figure 2: This figure maps out the basic complexities of the Copernican system, a complexity often ignored in oversimplifications of the debate between defenders of geostasis and heliostasis.

Figure 3: The Ptolemaic universe and details of the epicycle-deferent system.

Figure 4: Parallel positioning of the radius vectors in the Ptolemaic system.

Figure 5: A crucial demonstration for my argument in Chapter 5.  It shows why Tycho and Frisius agreed with critics of the Ptolemaic system, that key parameters were not determined.

Figure 6: The "marvelous effect" of parameter determination in the Copernican system. All the key players, both supporters and non-supporters alike, were impressed.  Compare with the flexibility of the Ptolemaic system in Figure 5.