Professor Ronald C. Pine

Ronald C. Pine

Teach me things that are honest, things that are daring, things that are clear.


I have a Ph.D. and a Masters Degree in Philosophy from the University of Hawaii.  To get a better idea of who I am, here are some of my favorite pictures:

Age 5 with my Grandfather and his tractor.  I felt very special learning about farming and being able to ride on the tractor.

With my Mom and grandfather.  He was a farmer.  She was a dancer and college professor.

Ronnie Pine at age 3.  My mother said I looked like Shirley Temple and no one wanted to cut my hair.

Left to right, Ronnie, Earle and Brian Pine.  A cherished picture by my mother.


Cabin-Winter   Cabin-Summer

A cherished family vacation spot.  The Family Cabin in the Seven Oaks area, in the San Bernardino mountains.

In Burma, the hill-tribe village of Pain-ne-bin on the Shan Plateau.  As a former high ranking tour guide in Burma, my wife raised money from tourists to build a school at this village.  Otherwise the children have to walk 7 miles one way to the nearest school.  This is her second school project.

Myitzu Pine  Myitzu Pali Pre-school 

My wife, Myitzu Pine.  Myitzu has a B.S. degree in Physics from Yangon University, Burma.  She also has a degree in early childhood education.  She hopes to continue to build schools in Burma (see link) and eventually run her own preschool.  Currently she is working at Pali Pre-school and pursuing a degree in mathematics.

Hypatia Akary Pine, 2 months old.  Hypatia was named after the famous mathematician, philosopher, and librarian of the Library of Alexandria.  Akary is Burmese for "women leader" or "queen."


Yun Shwe-Kya Sophia Alexandria Pine.  Her Burmese name means Golden Lotus Laquerware Lady.  Yun likes to play Swan Lake for Dad

Special Ladies

My special ladies.  Hypatia Akary Pine and Yun Shwe-Kya Sophia Alexandria Pine

More Pictures

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